Operations During COVID-19

We are offering Jenks truck delivery services to everyone in the 20002 and 20003 area codes, as well as parts of other zip codes in NE and SE. We are shipping via Fed Ex everywhere else in the city and across the country (for those ordering off our website. There is a flat $5 fee*** for any delivery under $100 going to 20002 and 20003, it is free delivery over $100 (some restrictions do apply depending on weight). Shipping rates will vary for items going outside of those zip codes. 
***Bagged goods have a higher delivery fee.
We are also no longer selling COVID-19 related items to anyone outside of DC that is not a government purchaser. There is a limit on inventory, and we have made the decision to service our immediate neighborhoods first. All other items in our catalog available to all customers. 
Please note due to an increased volume of orders both online, over the phone, and via email our estimated delivery time for order is 2-3 days. 
Curbside Pickup
Curbside pickup has also been a preferred method for customers. Due to high demand for this, as well as limited staff resources, while generally possible, same day curbside is not always possible. Orders placed after 1pm on Saturdays and Sunday will not be ready until the following day. Our sales team will communicate this at the point of sale.
Thank You
Lastly, thank you to our customers who have been mostly very patient with us during the past 1.5 months. During normal business, we are not sure we would be proud of our efficiency and ability to help each and every customer in as timely a manner as we would like. However, these are not normal times and our staff has gone to extreme lengths to make sure our customers are taken care of to the absolute best of our abilities. The reality is, we are running smaller teams (by design) and dealing with more customers than normal. It would be very easy for customers to dismiss this fact, but 99% of the people who have walked thru our doors have been appreciative and understanding. This is not lost on our employees and management and we gratefully appreciate your support.
If customers have any ideas or comments on ways, we can improve our operation during this time. Feel free to reach me via email info@wsjenks.com.